Masters in the Art of Storytelling
Masters in the Art of Storytelling

Cabana Pictures was founded by two creative producers with over 20 years combined experience producing promos for major networks including Fox and HBO.  Between directing and producing , Jenn and Zeus began filming weddings and discovered a new passion and talent for wedding films.

As wedding filmmakers they have built a reputation for understanding the uniqueness of each client and producing work that is visually stunning and distinctively personal.


Cabana Pictures is commissioned at an international level by couples seeking top wedding cinematography. From high profile events to intimate ceremonies, we seek out the finest perspectives that tell a unique story of who you are as a couple. Our goal is to not only film the events of the day, but to bring into focus the emotion behind each moment that you never want to forget.

The real work begins in our studio. We believe exceptional editing is what really makes a wedding film come to life. We take time to choose the most engaging and emotional moments and skillfully edit together a romantic and entertaining film. Friends and family will be able to see, hear and feel what made your wedding unforgettable.