13.05.2010 Technicalities

It’s no secret that part of what makes us look good is our equipment. Of course, it’s ultimately what we do with that equipment that defines our style as an artist. But I won’t deny that we get excited when we find equipment that makes our job easier and enhances the production value of all our work. The new Hd-DSLR’s have been an amazing addition to the videography business. The quality with which we are able to film someone’s wedding since the advent of these cameras still astounds us. What’s really cool is that big budget Hollywood productions are using the same exact camera we are to shoot weddings with. We found some production stills from a George Lucas film set with our camera “accessorized.”

{Canon 7D on set}

{Philip Bloom on set with 7d}

While this type of elaborate camera set up may not be conducive to shooting a wedding, we get really excited by seeing the possibilities in owning the camera. If it’s good enough for Lucasfilm, it’s certainly good enough for us. We are able to provide our clients with the same quality video that they can see in a movie theater, and that’s pretty amazing.

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