02.04.2010 Rockbands

We recently took part in the Stylish Wedding Showcase at the Gansevoort hotel on South Beach. Besides being a fabulous event, one unique element was the “groom’s room.” Zeus went over to check it out and promptly took me back to see what was in there. We met Lee Dahlberg, owner and designer of Rockbands. He had his leather wrist bands out on display, and it was an amazing assortment of handmade pieces. It didn’t take him long to convince me, as he had already done to Zeus, that we needed to have one. Each piece has a unique stone and leather band, which makes them more like a work of art than just another leather cuff. My favorite part is that he is able to provide the meaning of each stone. We both got a type of Jasper, which is a “nurturing stone.” It protects against negativity and promotes tranquility. Am I calmer when I wear my rockband? I think so. Is it the stone or is the fact that I feel automatically cooler when I wear it? I say it’s a little of both. Apparently, every celebrity in the world has a rockband, and now, so do we. Thanks, Lee!!

-Jenn and Zeus

Rockband in action- Zeus at the Emeril Legasse shoot