12.09.2010 Remembering 9/11

We pulled this feature out of our archives and dusted it off for this post. During my producing days over at Best Damn Sports Show Period, I came up with a concept to create a piece that would show people how sports helped America through one of the most difficult times our country has faced. I wanted to use Toby Keith’s live performance of Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue on Best Damn. To get the song approved, Toby Keith had to watch the produced piece first. He was completely moved by it and gave us the go ahead to use his song and air the piece. I had two days to edit it together. That translated to 24 hours of continuous editing with a three hour nap somewhere in the middle on the comfy couch Fox provided for the edit bay (probably not meant to be slept on). I remember looking through all the horrifying news footage, and I pushed myself to find the hope and strength in it all. I wanted to show how sports was able to uplift our spirits and help us take a temporary step back from the tragedy of September 11th.


In honor of 9/11 from Cabana Pictures on Vimeo.

  • M Rorer

    Beautifully done – thank you.