16.05.2010 Crazy Sexy Cancer

I am a big crier. Almost everything makes me cry, whether I’m happy or sad. Last night, we watched Crazy Sexy Cancer hoping to gain some inspiration as we work on our piece for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society’s Team in Training. Naturally I sat down to watch this documentary with my tissue box beside me. You can imagine my surprise when I only got teary-eyed once. Actually twice. What I found brilliant about it is that it highlights the positive attitude of the subjects, and Kris’s humorous and charming personality doesn’t allow you to focus on the negative aspects of cancer for too long.

In 2003, Kris Carr was diagnosed with a rare form of stage IV, incurable cancer. Being told she has 10 years to live, she decides to take matters into her own hands and explores various forms of holistic healing and therapies. She began a video diary to help her cope with her diagnosis that eventually turns into a full length feature. Along the way, she documents the stories of 4 other women living with cancer.

The strength and determination of these women is without a doubt inspirational and a reminder that there are so many people affected by this terrible disease. It was also hard to walk away from it not wanting to take a trip to Whole Foods and start making green smoothies. I may need to place an order for a wheatgrass growing kit and juicer.

Watch the trailer here.
Check out her blog here.

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